Backup & Disaster Recovery for Healthcare Practices

When accidents and catastrophic events occur, they can have an adverse impact on a healthcare practice, its operations, and its ongoing continuity. Studies show that the majority of businesses, who lose vital data or access to core systems file for bankruptcy within a year of the data loss. Not being able to see patients, who might have critical conditions is not acceptable to UpSurgeIT, and neither should it be for any practice. Since data loss can adversely affect a medical practice, implementing a preemptive data backup, continuity, and disaster recovery plan can make the difference between staying afloat or going under.

Data loss should not foretell the end of your business. With UpSurgeIT’s proactive and effective backup and data recovery services, your medical practice can bounce back from any disaster or catastrophe, quickly. We provide superior backup services that cater to the special security and up-time needs of healthcare practices and includes both onsite and off-site recovery for data, business applications, and systems.

Backup & Disaster Recovery Designed for Healthcare Practices

UpSurgeIT’s reliable and effective data backup & disaster recovery services are designed with medical practices in mind. Our proactive and coordinated recovery plans enable practices to recover their data quickly and restore data, and practice management software systems in the event of a disaster. UpSurgeIT has effective and focused backup services that match the needs of medical practices, and that comply with ongoing healthcare regulations. UpSurgeIT’s capabilities include:

  • Secure Encryption of All Backup Files
  • Data Backup With Ongoing and Frequent Restore Points
  • Rapid Data Recovery
  • Cost-Effective Storage in a Secure Cloud
  • Fail-over to Virtual Servers
  • Full Server Restoration
  • Ongoing Test Restores of Backup Data

In the event of a disaster, UpSurgeIT helps practices recover lost files and applications quickly. We operate in multiple and geographically separated data centers that offer zero tolerance for data loss and downtime. With us, your data is safe, and systems secure.  Even if your premises and hardware are destroyed, your practice management systems and data will survive.

Benefits of UpSurgeIT’s Disaster Recovery for Healthcare Practices

Hardware faults, human errors, and natural disasters can happen anytime. While you cannot predict or stop them, you can prepare for any eventuality by implementing a backup and disaster recovery plan designed for the needs of healthcare organizations. By preventing complete data loss and system inaccessibility, UpSurgeIT’s data backup & disaster recovery services helps healthcare organizations avoid data loss, and the possibility of a shutdown. Practices use our backup & disaster recovery services will gain immensely in the following ways:

  • Swift Data Recovery and Systems Restoration
  • Quick Restoration of Normal Practice Operations
  • Minimal Disruptions on Routine Operations
  • Reduced Loss of Service and Revenue
  • Data Loss Prevention and Protection
  • Eliminate the Stress of Wondering if You Can Recover from a Data Loss Incident
  • Save Lives and Improve the Health of Your Patients

UpSurgeIT’s secure off-site secure backup services enables businesses to store vital data and, in the event of a disaster, be able to recover that data. We offer robust backup strategies at resilient, secure data centers that can match up the combined risks of IT failure, fire, floods, and vandalism.  All our data centers are backed by proactive monitoring and extensive support, on-site and off-site, 24/7.

Free Session to Review Your Backup & Disaster Recovery Strategy for Healthcare Practices

Did you know that 90% of businesses that lose data during a disaster are forced to shut down within two years of operation? Do not be part of this grim statistics. UpSurgeIT is ready to help you develop and implement a well-structured data backup and disaster recovery strategy. Whether you want to restore files deleted accidentally, or roll back entire applications after an IT failure, UpSurgeIT guarantees you reliable data backup and recovery services coupled with superior IT support services.

To schedule a free Strategy Session, call toll-free (844) 877-8743 to speak to one of our experts, or fill out the form to the right. We can help you create a strategy that matches your backup and disaster requirements perfectly.