Cloud Computing for Healthcare Practices

Many IT service providers sell cloud computing, and unfortunately, their service is nothing more than a couple of servers in a datacenter, shared by multiple clients, or it is a vendor channel based cloud company that uses a similar but more advanced configuration. The problem is that both these solutions break many HIPAA and other security regulations. Healthcare organizations must be careful of where they put their data, as practices are under the gun of ongoing healthcare and privacy regulations that are constantly getting tougher. Top security and privacy is a must with any cloud platform for healthcare. Luckily UpSurgeIT knows healthcare and knows security, it is all we do!

Cloud computing allows practices to outsource essential and core business functions to the cloud. UpSurgeIT maintains both the hardware and the software and monitors the system to prevent downtime or system crashes. All software patches and upgrades are done remotely without interrupting business operations.

Key Benefits of Cloud Computing for Healthcare Practices

Strategic Focus: Conventional IT systems are resource-intensive and time-consuming. They follow what is called the CAPEX model of purchasing, which means IT systems are an asset that are rapidly depreciated. Cloud computing takes advantage of the OPEX model, which eliminates budget spikes when something happens to that equipment. From a strategic standpoint, cloud computing, done right, represents huge advantages for a healthcare practice, including the ability to predict your costs. Companies can ultimately reduce IT costs and free up staff to focus on core business.

Highly Scalable: On-site systems come with fixed features and capacity limits. They cannot scale up to match the growing needs or spikes of businesses. Cloud computing enables businesses to grow and expand their systems and capabilities quickly. Businesses can add users and whatever features they need without having to buy more hardware or expensive software. Scaling back, such as happens when you lose an employee, is easy as well without being stuck paying for resources the business no longer needs.

Customizable Solutions: With cloud-based services for healthcare, practices enjoy the freedom to build or customize their services and application set, in order to meet the needs and preferences of your end-users. Every kind of medical practice is different, and cloud computing done through UpSurge IT Solutions is focused and optimized to medical practices that need security and freedom from cookie-cutter models.

Cost-Saving: Cost-conscious practices can leverage the power of the cloud to control expenses, optimize processes, and improve productivity. Moving to the cloud eliminates the need to buy and manage dedicated servers and other network infrastructure.

Increases Mobility & Collaboration: As staff members become increasingly mobile, businesses need to create virtual environments that support remote working and collaboration. Cloud computing effectually eliminates the challenge posed by geographic barrier and the time-space continuum. Staff can go anywhere and still be able to communicate effectively with each other, safely, and securely.

Bundled Applications: cloud hosting can provide practices with bundled applications. Practices can utilize and access a range of enterprise type applications that they might have not had access to in their company. These applications accomplish different tasks from accounting, communications, tracking sales, project management, reporting, and more. With a bundled package, practices do not need to purchase costly applications and install them on their in-house servers and workstations.

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