The UpsurgeIT ONE is a comprehensive, and robust managed technology service that is delivered by friendly healthcare and HIPAA knowledgeable technicians. When designing this plan, we didn’t look at what other companies did, we looked at what healthcare organizations needed and then formed a service that was tailored to them, then we surpassed it… Some of these needs include:

  • The need to protect the privacy of data and patient records
  • The need for consistent, reliable, and secure backup of data
  • The need for systems and equipment to work reliably and efficiently
  • The need to prevent issues, so staff can work without interuptions
  • The need for fast, friendly, and knowledgeable support when there were issues
  • The need for guidance in navigating complex healthcare regulations

With the desire to form the absolute best IT plan for healthcare organizations, the Upsurge IT ONE was created.

The Texas-Sized Features of The Upsurge ONE (At least the ones were willing to share publicly :-))

Unlimited Healthcare Focused IT Support Desk

  • Unlimited End User Help Desk Support
  • Unlimited Onsite Support (DFW Only)
  • Network and ISP Support
  • Access to Online Ticketing Portal

Advanced IT Problem Prevention

  • Documentation (diagrams, pictures, labels, configuration templates)
  • Root Cause Analysis – Workstations & Servers
  • Best Practice IT Standardization
  • New Client Onboarding & Shoreup Process
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery to MotherG Standards
  • AD Domain Security Policies (AUP, Pwd, screen lock, etc.)
  • Up-to-Date Software Patching and A/V
  • Active Directory Cleansing & Diagnostics
  • UPS Management & Testing
  • Dedicated Centralized Services Team
  • Ongoing “Spring” Cleaning
  • Proactive System Administration Scripts
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • UpSurge Standards Configuration
  • Self-Healing Scripts
  • Active Directory Cleansing & Diagnostics
  • Firmware upgrades as scheduled and approved
  • Network Cabling – Assessment
  • Automated cleanup & defragmentation
  • OS Patch management
  • AV & Malware Scanning
  • Adobe Updates
  • IE Updates
  • MS Office Updates
  • Quickbooks Updates
  • Third Party Updates

Comprehensive IT Security Monitoring and Management

  • Advanced Firewall Threat Monitoring
  • Patch Management
  • Managed Antivirus
  • Managed Antispyware
  • Managed Antispam
  • VPN Client Administration
  • VPN Network Administration
  • Web Content Filtering
  • Creation of Acceptable Use Policies (AUP)

24×7 Healthcare Focused IT Monitoring

  • Availability Monitoring & Alerting
  • Server Hardware Health Monitoring & Alerting
  • Network Hardware Health Monitoring & Alerting
  • Error & Event Log Monitoring
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Drive Space Monitoring
  • Service Availability Monitoring
  • Website Monitoring
  • Microsoft Exchange Monitoring
  • Backup Alert Monitoring
  • SQL Backup Alert Monitoring
  • SQL Database Monitoring
  • Exchange Backup Alert Monitoring
  • Line of Business & Application Monitoring
  • UPS Monitoring and Alerting
  • ISP Monitoring

Backup Continuity & Peace of Mind

  • Ongoing Backup Administration
  • Ongoing Backup Alert Monitoring
  • Onsite Continuity Appliance for Servers
  • Offsite Cloud Backup Storage
  • Monthly Backup Reports
  • Monthly Backup Testing and Validation
  • Remote Workstation/Laptop Backup

Ongoing Healthcare IT Strategy

  • Dedicated Technology Strategy Consultant
  • Technology Brainstorming and Planning
  • Technology and Business Alignment Review
  • Quarterly Strategy Planning and Budget Review
  • Annual Strategy Assessment and Review
  • Quarterly Service Review
  • Asset Lifecycle Planning
  • Purchasing Support
  • Monthly Executive Brief
  • Ongoing Vendor Management
  • Annual Technology Plan
  • Business Review & Executive Report

24×7 Network Management & Monitoring

  • ISP Management and Monitoring
  • DNS Management and Monitoring
  • Website Monitoring
  • Firewall Management and Monitoring
  • Switch Management and Monitoring
  • Wireless Management and Monitoring
  • Network Cabling organization and documentation
  • SSL Administration

Warranty & Renewal Support Management

  • Server
  • Network Device
  • NAS & SAN
  • Workstation
  • Laptop
  • SSL
  • Domains
  • Third Party Software & LOB

Ongoing IT Reporting

  • Executive Summary
  • Asset Report
  • Portal Access to Tickets
  • Client Technology Playbook
  • AV report
  • Backup Report
  • License Reporting

IT Asset Management

  • Hardware Asset Reporting
  • License Reporting
  • Purchasing Support
  • Asset Lifecycle Management
  • License Management
  • Solution Evaluation Service (Package Selection)